"a heart breaking expose" - The Globe and Mail

The Nanny Business explores the domestic labour market that brings in an estimated 5,000 women to Canada every year to serve as caregivers. These women, mostly escaping poverty in the Philippines, leave their own children behind. Their dream is to satisfy the requirements of a Canadian government program that promises a “fast-track” route to citizenship. For many that dream becomes a reality, however a disturbing number of these women become victims of fraud and abuse. Following the journey of Edelyn and Joelina, two single mothers who arrive with only their hopes for the future,

The Nanny Business puts a personal face on a story exploitation that is occurring all around us. From the moment both women arrive in Canada, they are victims of unscrupulous agents and employers, vulnerable in a system that does not protect them. University-educated, determined, and brave, they both fight back. In the end, they find ways to overcome their circumstances and the bravery to go public. They hope their stories will help force change, both in attitude and action, in the new country they want to call home. 


The Nanny Business was inspired by Susan’s award winning article for Walrus which exposed the abusive system in which many Filipino caregivers to Canada become hopeless victimized by. Susan became consultant on the documentary, and though we didn’t originally intend it that way – became one of the film’s on-camera characters. Susan Is herself an award-winning author, including the critically acclaimed “Bite of the Mango” and soon to be published “Two Nazanins”. She focuses on many of the areas Bishari has traditionally navigated – conflict, human rights, women and children. Her investigative books and articles, are known for their tremendous heart and soul.

BISHARI Film Productions Inc.2010© • 52 mins. 
Canada LCP, Live-In Caregivers

Caregivers, temporary workers, exploitation, human rights abuse, social issues, undercover investigation, Canada, Philippines.