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With their incredible music and survival skills, six street musicians help us reframe the way we see the homeless.

When 16 year old Aqsa Parvez is killed by her father in Toronto for “shaming the family” other young women become fearful.

A heartbreaking expose of the exploitation of caregivers.

An investigation into the global trafficking of small arms, the true weapons of mass destruction that flood vast regions of the world, creating war, instability, and failed states.

Two girls, one Palestinian and the other Israeli, live across the street from each other, but they are worlds apart as the Intifada envelops their lives.

Filmed in Gaza, Lebanon and Israel, a look at the tactics, and grievances on all sides that led to the emergence of Hamas as both terrorist and political force.

A group off inner city teenager girls struggle to grow up in an environment of gangs, sexism and racial tensions.

A look at the lives of children in Iraq before and after the U.S. led war to overthrown Saddam Hussein.

Cathy Crowe practices third world medicine on the streets of our city, revealing our homeless crisis up-close

When the 20th century began, 90 percent of the casualties of war were soldiers. Today 90 percent of the casualties are civilian, and most are children. The stories of children in three war zones, told in their voices.

The story of Faye Schulman a beautiful young Jewish partisan, who photographed and fought in the forests of Belarus, in an extraordinary tale of survival against the Nazis

The devastating price paid by women and girls for “dishonouring the family” in Jordan and the West Bank. 

The heartbreaking story of three families who lost their children in bombing of Air India, and the bungled investigation into an act of terrorism, that brought a foreign dispute to Canadian shores.

A photograph of a 9 year old girl running naked after a napalm attack becomes a defining image of the war in Vietnam. This is the story behind the photo.

War correspondents Janine di Giovanni in Sarajevo under siege and Lyse Doucet in Afghanistan, witness war through women’s eyes.

A daring escape from Abu Graib Prison in Iraq to the marshes of Iran, the story of a family who defied a dictator and the odds.

A lost tribe, a brave woman, and an incredible story.