“Unforgettable. Legacy of Terror grabs your heart and squeezes mercilessly… (this film) will remain with you a long, long, long time. As it deserves to.” - Toronto Star

Legacy of Terror is the story of one of the most deadly airline bombings in history: Air India Flight 182, en route from Canada to India, that claimed over 300 lives. This film was made 14 years after the tragedy and its troubled investigation. To this day there has been no justice. For filmmaker Shelley Saywell this film is also a personal story. Two young dancers, Shyamala and Krithika Laurence died on that flight. Saywell had filmed them before their death and befriended them and their family.

That original film footage forms the beginning of Legacy of Terror, which follows the journey their mother has made through her grief. This is the story of beautiful lives so unexpectedly and tragically cut short by the dark world of terrorism, whose bomb was planted in a place we had always thought to be safe: Canada.

BISHARI Film Productions Inc.1999© • 57 mins. 
Terrorism, Death & Dying, Dealing with Grief, Indian Studies

Aviation terrorism, Canadian terrorism, Sikh terrorism, Air India bombing, RCMP investigation, Canada, Ireland, India, terrorism, surveillance, airport security, extremism, loss, grief.