“Fire and Water is a wonderful testament to the power of love and commitment in the face of overwhelming odds”
“A remarkable study of courage. One of the year’s best.” - Toronto Star, Television Review

Throughout Fire and Water is the story of Dr. Hussain Shahristani, once Saddam Hussein’s Chief Nuclear Scientist and now one of his foremost dissidents, and his remarkable family. While Dr. Shahristani served eleven years of a life sentence in an Iraqi Prison for refusing to build Saddam a nuclear bomb, his Canadian wife Bernice Holtom stood by his side and raised their children.

During the Gulf War he and his family escaped to freedom, and they now run an organization to monitor the ongoing human rights abuses in Iraq. Their reports and videos have kept the world informed about the atrocities of an ongoing secret war in the south of Iraq – one in which over 250,000 people have died or been displaced since 1991.

BISHARI Film Productions Inc.1995© • 56 mins. 
Middle Eastern Studies, History, Human Rights, Global Issues

Dr. Hussain Shahristani, Berniece Holtom, Saddam Hussein, Baathist Party, Iraq, Iraq nuclear program, political prisoner, prisoner of conscience, solitary confinement, Abu Graib Prison, escape, Gulf War, Iran, Marsh Arabs, Shia Iraqis, Karbala, Iraqi refugees