Emmy Award, Outstanding Investigative Journalism

Donald Brittain Award, Social Political Documentary

Throughout the Islamic world, each year hundreds of women are shot, stabbed, strangled or burned to death by male relatives because they are thought to have “dishonoured” their families. They may have lost their virginity, refused an arranged marriage or left an abusive husband. Even if a woman is raped or merely the victim of gossip, she must pay the price.

Crimes of Honour documents the terrible reality of femicide – the belief that a girl’s body is the property of the family, and any suggestion of sexual impropriety must be cleansed with her blood. We meet women in hiding from their families, a brother who describes his reasons for killing the sister he loved, and a handful of women who have committed themselves to the protection of young women in danger of losing their lives.

“A scorcher – a heartscalding exposé”
— The Globe and Mail
“Saywell takes her piercing vision to Jordan and Israel’s West Bank for a harrowing perspective”
— Toronto Star

BISHARI Film Productions Inc. 1999© • 56 mins. 
Middle Eastern Studies, Women’s Studies, Global Issues, Human Rights, Islam

Crimes of Honor, Jordan, Israel, honor killings, femicide, domestic violence, protective custody, cultural practice as legal defense, price of honor, daughter’s blood, family, Rania’s letters, Jordan Times, Rana Husseini journalist.