“Genius work of staggering heartbreak” - Toronto Star

Academy Award Best Feature Documentary, Short-list

At the beginning of the last century, nine out of ten people killed in war were soldiers. At the beginning of this century, nine out of ten people killed in war were civilians. Most of them are children. A Child’s Century of War is a feature length documentary that takes the viewer on a journey through war from the perspective of children. It is an examination of the way modern war has changed and increasingly victimizes children. Three contemporary wars are the heart of the film.

 Orphans of two Chechen wars, children growing up on the most dangerous street of the West Bank and children abducted by the rebel forces in Sierra Leone tell their stories. Dairies and voices of children from the past provide an eerie parallel of history. - Narrated by Christopher Plummer.

BISHARI Film Productions Inc.2001© • 88 mins. 
War, History, Human Rights

Christopher Plummer, narrator, History, child victims of war, 20th Century conflict, child soldiers, war orphans, war in Chechnya, war in Sierra Leone, rehabilitating child soldiers, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Intifadah, Hebron, generations of hate, innocent victims of war, child diaries.